I Suck at Photoshop

When I was in middle school and Myspace was the cool thing to do my go to photo editing sight was Photobucket. From there I would first make the picture black and white and then add those awkward line hearts or if I really was feeling saucy I would put “<3” all over my pictures. From there I would save them and post them as my profile picture on Myspace just to show how cool I really was. In the book “The Social Media Reader” edited by Michael Mandiberg, there is a piece of the passage that states” In contrast to many websites, the posts on 4chan, along with their commentary, images, and video, are not archived. They are also posted at such an unbelievably fast pace and volume that much of what is produced effectively vanishes shortly after it is posted and viewed” (Coleman 110). All though photobucket and Myspace all archive the photos, but people are posting so many tacky horribly edited photos on their social media. Yes, you comment things that you love it, just just like it stated in the book, you are really only trolling your own friends. Well at least I was. Now, the only extent that i go to with editing images is instagram. Honestly. the fact that I am simply able to put on whatever filter I want and all of a sudden my picture looks amazing makes my life ten times easier. No more crappy editing on photobucket where I would try to be an artist and do some special stuff, that in the end always look shitty anyways. It’s just the slide of finger through about 20 or so different filters to find the perfect one. When i was a sophomore in highschool though i did take photography and we did dabble in photoshop, but to my despair my edits never came out good I was not able to follow simple photoshop instructions and always had to have my partner edit the images instead.

Please enjoy this cringe worthy photos of me from middle school.

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6 thoughts on “I Suck at Photoshop

  1. Hey Chantelle! I can definitely relate to your post! I completely forgot about Photobucket, and I can only imagine how many horrifying pictures there are of myself on there throwing up the peace sign. As for your blog, it gives off a very bright feeling. I can almost smell the flowers at the top of your blog, they are so vivid. As stated in our texts, I believe that color schemes are the most important part of a blog because they really do set the tone. The various shades of pink really add to that concept, even suggesting you are a very bright, happy person as well. I think the tags you added to the post are funny as well, and it’s good that you’re poking fun at your middle school self. The only thing I would suggest to change is maybe the size of the text. On your post, you write a lot-which is great, however, the text is big and I found my eyes getting lost while reading it. Even just starting a new line or paragraph would definitely help with that! Otherwise, it’s a great blog!


  2. It is so crazy looking back and remembering how important Myspace was to us, making sure our photos and pages stood out from everyone else’s. Now, we have Instagram instead of Photobucket to take our editing worries away. I really enjoyed reading your blog post and I look forward to seeing what else you have in store for your blog. Including your own personal experiences with editing and including photos makes an audience feel like they are a part of your journey as a student. That is one thing that, in my opinion, stands out as a blogger. Great blog!


  3. I completely forgot about Photobucket until I read your post and I am terrified at what mine probably looks like now. Like you I am not the best at photoshopping and I agree that Instagram filters can change your life. I capitalize on those filters any chance I get. The Blog on a Budget reading really stresses the idea of a “clean” blog and I think you captured that because your blog is very clean and the colors are done really well. It is also very easy to follow which is a definite must when running a blog. I think you have done really well, great job!


  4. I love the “cringe worthy photos from middle school”!! The classic macbook photos using every filter in photo booth. I can relate so much and I think that’s important within a blog because the more relatable you are to your blog readers, the more interested they’ll be. Good stuff!


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