Audio editing

Within my major of Information Technology, the possibilities are endless. It is helpful to know as much information as possible when it comes to software or any types of programs. When working for a help desk or even in the it department of a company, even though your costumers might come to you with questions that technically your department might not necessarily take care of, they will expect you to take care of it and be able to solve the issue. If i end up working for a company that maybe makes instructional videos for their products, i definitely believe that the workers who are supposed to be making these videos will turn to the IT department for help. On the side of using audio editing as a hobby right now i know that it will be extra helpful for me. Since spring rush is coming up for my sorority and i am on the recruitment team, we will be making a recruitment video. I’m actually really happy that i am learning this now, because i will be able to use the skills i gain from this class and use them practically in the next few months. Other than having to know editing for my job to educate others and the need for making a recruitment video I don’t really see myself using it pass that.  I am definitely not a singer, and i’m also not into making Youtube videos so i do not think ill ever use it for anything else. Although, maybe if I get married id make one of really cute picture collage/videos that would need some audio editing to do. After watching the introductory videos though, i don’t believe that that it will be to hard of a task to accomplish all of the goals that will be assigned to us.



6 thoughts on “Audio editing

  1. Audio editing is definitely a great tool to know how to use for things like making videos for fun. This summer I made a video montage of the trips I went on and having some knowledge of garage band helped me create a good sound track for the videos to go along with. Even if you dont use audio editing in a professional setting, it is useful to have the knowledge for things like your recruitment video as you mentioned. It gives you the ability to contribute to things you otherwise would not have been able to.


    1. That is super cool that you will be making the recruitment video for your sorority! Many people do not often realize how much work gets put into the marketing side of a sorority or really any club at a school and that experience you will gain from creating the video is awesome. I like how you say that having even a little bit of knowledge about video or audio editing can help you contribute to things in unique ways. Having skills in any type of editing has the potential to make you a unique candidate for a job!


  2. I think this is a great tool to learn especially for you because of the recruitment videos you are making in then near future. I agree with you in the aspect that I am not interested in making Youtube videos, and I am a horrible singer but there are other ways to utilize audio editing. Whether that be for a job or hobby, there is no harm in learning how to use audio editing software.


  3. Being a major in Information Technology, the work that you do and the skills you acquire provide such a huge resource for so many companies and departments. Having the background in various programs, you will be able to help so many people. As a recruiter for a sorority, editing audio can be a great asset when you are making videos, etc. As an IT student, learning an audio editing program can only benefit you more if there is ever a problem or someone needs help with a program like Garage Band or Audacity.


  4. Being an IT major, you will have a lot of use for audio editing programs! Editing audio will especially come in handy for that sorority recruitment video. You will be able to come up with engaging music that perfectly fits the video, as well as edit people’s voices if there is a video of someone speaking about why they love the sorority and why they chose it. Audio editing has endless possibilities and will most definitely come in handy.


  5. I’ve learned through film-making that knowing how to edit audio is a skill that may come in handy if you eventually want to use it for something some day. While you don’t necessarily see yourself working a job where you have to edit audio if you were to say make that video for your wedding some day or maybe even for a friends wedding or just for fun, knowing how to edit audio before could save much time and give better result. Making videos like that could even become a little side hobby that you do to make a little extra cash on the side. Who knows right


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