Please Excuse My Voice

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I have never actually made a podcast, and neither have i really watched a podcast until this assignment. In my opinion they are to long and kind of pointless to even watch. From what i have seen they are just giving their reviews on different things or just talking about some obscure topic. I watched the Japanese Sweets Fail by Mikej on, and well let me tell you that it was definitely a fail. I did not think that he was funny or even entertaining in anyway, and maybe if he actually tried the candies instead of giving up on them then maybe it could have been somewhat decent. From what I saw it was just the man talking into the camera the whole time while playing around and commenting on the Japanese candies. I definitely do think that he did use some kind of editor though because towards the end he even said he needs to cut it, and then he showed the from a point of view (pov) angle what he was doing with the candy. Also at the very, very end he cut to a kind of logo to promote his book. So I would say there were about 2 camera angles and for the normal views of him he just used the audio that was recorded for the video. But for the promotion of his book he just used the audio and placed it over the still frame image of logo of his book. I do think that he made everything himself, there weren’t any clips that he used from different resources. In general it was just him speaking, and playing around with the candy, but maybe if he was funnier it would be a lot easier to watch. But at the same time to each their own i guess.



3 thoughts on “Please Excuse My Voice

  1. First off I love the Homer picture, it accurately describes me after I finished my post this week as well! This week has opened my eyes a little bit to how much work goes into editing as well. I spent a lot of time editing my intro and it was less than a minute long! Not only that, but it didn’t have any video in it either! I can only imagine how much time was spent editing the 10 minute long video that I was watching. Keep blogging!


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