Well, that was easy.

The best game on earth

Okay! So honestly editing movies is 3459x easier than editing audio.  I truly did enjoy making the video on eprofiles even though the topic isn’t as riveting as it can be. But, it just goes to show that when I do actually make a video on something that i enjoy, it will be the bomb diggity! Even though I did find it easier to edit video than audio, I still give lots of props to people who edit videos and make them very complex and high quality because it can definitely take a lot of time to do. The only issue i have with the editor is that everything seems kind of tacky. I wish that editing options would make it easier to make a high quality edited video. I definitely  understand where Bogost is coming from while I read his article. Games can make you feel powerful, and make you believe that you are in control in that very second. I personally do not play videogames, but i am a huge fan of board games. So, naturally Monopoly is one of my favorite games of all time. When I play Monopoly and I am winning, I feel so much power. Even though it is fake money, fake property and a fake jail there is a certain mood that establishes during the game. When I am winning, i’m feeling great talking smack to the other players and just feeling like I can do whatever. The counterpart is when I am losing, when i’m on a low it tends to be bad. I start to get angry, frustrated and i remember once I got so angry that I even flipped over the game. People may say I am a bad sport, but I just like to think that I am competitive.

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One thought on “Well, that was easy.

  1. I totally agree, making a movie was way easier than editing the audio. I really liked the two blogs you chose. The captions were also very helpful to display your points. The only thing is that I couldn’t hear your commentary on the two blogs. But otherwise you had really great transitions too!


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