Midterm Feedback

Well, I am happy that that is over. I like to be honest with myself, and I don’t really think I am much of a creative person just incredible average in creativity. I did think that my video was okay, it wasn’t really creative but i do believe that it was informative. I did think that my blog was nice and creative looking. I liked that it was kind of a free for all though and that I was able to do as I please on the blog and just do what I want. I believe that working in a group will be really fun. I personally really like group projects because I enjoy working with other people, but only with people that are active and interested the project. I would not enjoy working in a group if people did not do their work, or just slacked off. In the book The Social Media Reader by Hyde he writes about some issues that might come up while collaborating in a group. He states, ” As a collaborative action can have more than one intent, it can also have more than one repercussion. These multiple layers are often a source of conflict and confusion. A single collaborative action can imply different and even contrasting group associations” (Hyde 58).  The authors point on collaboration makes total sense, where participants of the group might get confused on what the actual goal of the team will be. I really hope that when my group collaborates on this project we don’t encounter issues of confusion or take steps back in our project. I also hope that all group members are on the same page and we are not contrasting each other making the project harder than it should be. I do think that in the end even if there are miscommunications in the group, the project will get done and will make sense.




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