Top 5 Midterm blogs

Here are my favorite top 5 midterm blogs


I love that you actually recorded your own footage! It was nice to see your own review on the Google Pixel. I really enjoyed that you gave a full look on the phone as well as the different features of the phone. Your camera work was good for the most part and your voice was clear and concise also.I have personally never seen the Google Pixel before your video so it was nice to see a different phone other than the iphone.


This video was super cute and sweet! I really liked the stop,go animation in the beginning it was definitely different and something that i did not think of. I also like how she incorporated so many different techniques of editing and clips in her video. She had some of her own videos, clips she found on the internet as well as just pictures that were incorporated in. All of them came together to make a pretty solid video. The concept of the video and the fact that  she talked about how it is to be a little sister was something fun to see since i am actually the oldest sister.


Awesome video! It was really cool to see all your footage from your previous vacations! It was very nicely edited and everything flowed nicely. I also liked your concept of saying that travel, is calling us and waiting for us to go as well. I also enjoyed the music in your video, it fit really well with the kind of tropical and vacationy theme of your video. It was a fun and easy watch! Also i love that you put Lake George into the video because i go there with my sister and dad every fathers day weekend, so it was just nice for me on a personal level.


Nice job on the video, it was edited really well. I like that for each different movie you put a different type of music track that would fit in with the genre of the movie. All the music transitioned well and it wasn’t very awkward. I am definitely excited for Gilmore Girls to come out because i mean, It’s Gilmore Girls. I am also very excited for Mars, it looks like its supposed to be amazing quality visually and i also really enjoy space movies so that will definitely be something to look out for.

Well. Wow… Wow. The first 3 seconds literally just describe my thoughts to this video. I do not understand. But oddly enough, i really enjoyed it. It was super weird and totally scattered, but i didnt want to stop watching it. I was compelled in, hoping that there would be some clip that would tie everything in together, but it never came. Your editing was great, smooth transitions no awkwardness, it seemed like it was a single video before hand even. Great job on it.



3 thoughts on “Top 5 Midterm blogs

  1. I liked that travel blog too! I loved how the WordPress theme and the topic worked together really well and that the images were very eye-catching. I also liked the creativity of her posts. I agree that the video on the Little Sister blog is awesome. I like that it combines her own footage with other clips and some screen casting. It’s a well-rounded video using the different technologies with learned in class. Great choices!


  2. I can’t help but agree with the reaction you had to the last blog in your top 5. When I first got to the site I thought “what the heck” then I watched the video and thought “what the hell?!” lol oddly enough though it was interesting enough to make me think about it. Also, I liked that travel blog too, I saw multiple travel blogs from our classmates each one different then the rest and I enjoyed them all.


  3. I also found jordanstv and spncryn to be really well made and interesting. they both put a lot of effort into their blogs. I also thought your video was pretty cool with the cactus. Thanks for putting my blog in your top five Im glad you liked it.


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