A thought on Creative Direction

I have thought long and hard as to what I think would be the best for our group to do in our video. I understand that everyone has different ideas and a different vision for the video, but this is mine. So, I am imagining that I am laying in bed, contemplating my life and all of a sudden it hits me. It’s winter break, I should stop wasting my time just laying around i should start applying to internships. But wait, i still don’t have a resume made or even know how to properly interview. So, this is where i go into action. We have a shot of me walking into career services, talking to the counselors, making my resume, going into a mock interview and leaving the place more prepared than ever. Then it can incorporate from me leaving the building more prepared than ever for the future. It can also show me going into a real interview, getting a job and the final shot of me jumping in the air with my first paycheck. A still shot. For dramatic effect of course. I think that it should be more of a comical video, not so serious. I think that it will reflect on the storyboard and account for only a few slides. I definitely don’t think that we can make a total 3 minute video just based on my concept.


3 thoughts on “A thought on Creative Direction

  1. I’m really glad you wrote this into your blog post, and I’m also really glad that this is something we’ll actually be implementing into the video. I suppose that that is our ‘creativity’ kicking in, especially since your idea really revolves around the reality of what a student’s day-to-day life might look like. It’s an awesome concept, and even more awesome that our storyboard reflects it! Can’t wait to work on this with you guys.


    1. Yeah! im super excited to get this video into motion already! I honestly feel like it pertains to me specifically because i really should go and use career services to figure out what i am doing in thee future. Maybe this will give me a final push towards it.


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