Creative Commons

Nowadays everything is copyrighted. No one wants someone else to steal their products, or use their products with out their share of credit. It is difficult to make something new like a video or song without getting sued. For today’s blog post i will be talking about some things that are in the public domain that could possibly be in my groups video. While reading Lessig’s article he had a very good point. All of our creative content is in a way not helping make new creative things, because of the restriction of the government. The government’s laws need to be updated and fixed to properly protect ideas in new technology, but at the same time not restrict them from others. This will definitely be an obstacle that eventually the government will have to face. Until then though, we have to use things like the creative commons to make something new, even though we wont be making money off of it either.

This picture was found when i searched “Using computer” in the creative commons search.

As for our soundtrack, I want something upbeat and fun to give the video energy and spirit. This mashup would provide some great background music.

This is the video I am thinking about using, because not only does it have a going up the stairs part but it also gives a kind of tour of the office place.

I find it really difficult to find the exact things that i want on creative commons. Although i understand that some of the stuff I want is copyrighted, i just feel like there just is not as much good content as on the normal internet. I’m not sure how much my group will actually be using the creative commons, but just in case it is a good resource to have.


One thought on “Creative Commons

  1. I really like the video that you posted, ‘The Permanent Walking upstairs.” I think this is a great video to reference when creating ours, as it shows the kind of angles you can achieve on an iPhone camera. Also, it shows how crisp the audio is. I agree that it is somewhat difficult to find things on the search engine. It seemed like it just oftentimes brought the browser to Google, but a different version of it that is tailored to exactly what you’re looking for. You’re right, it is a good resource, but I even found that there were some things on there that were removed due to copyright issues. We’ll have time to talk about it Monday so we can really get this rolling.


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