A Fans Worst Nightmare

Everyone at one point or another has been obsessed with a tv show, book or movie. I unfortunately, was obsessed with Twilight and even though to this day I really enjoy it, I know how shitty the movies actually are. When I was 13 my room was covered, and I mean plastered with Twilight poster. I had t-shirts, jewelry boxes, CDs, journals and dolls all from the Twilight series. As I was reading the Social Media Reader at one point in the book it was stated,”Over the past several decades, corporations have sought to market branded content so that consumers become the bearers of their marketing messages. Marketers have turned our children into walking, talking billboards who wear logos on their T-shirts, sew patches on their backpacks, plaster stickers on their lockers, hang posters on their walls, but they must not, under penalty of law, post them on their home pages”(209). I loved Twilight and I even set is as one of my layouts for my Myspace page at the time, but after a few days the layout got taken down and I was no longer allowed to use it because of copyright.

Please enjoy 14 year old me, with my sister and friend. If you take a gander at the walls they are literally covered in Twilight posters.

Before the internet, media would be spoken from mouth to mouth. Stories would be told by grandparents and uncles to children and art would be painted to be put up around the house. But because of the internet, and the fact that now you can make money, and lots of it from the words you say to the videos you record everyone wants their work to be their own and don’t want to share any of the potential money. At one point Jenkins writes in the book, “The older American folk culture was built on borrowings from various mother countries; the modern mass media builds upon borrowings from folk culture; the new convergence culture will be built on borrowings from various media conglomerates” (208). Before we were able to use other’s peoples work and use it as inspiration for our work. Even if it resembled it, we were allowed to do so. But now, we have access to so much inspiration and we aren’t allowed to resemble it at all.





4 thoughts on “A Fans Worst Nightmare

  1. Good response! I like the quote about culture that you used. It is very valuable in telling how information used to be much more sacred, and now people can find most information for free on the Internet. The Internet has complete changed the way people seek out information, and how they use it. Fans can use almost any information they find on the Internet and use it for inspiration. I do agree that we can’t resemble all of the inspiration that we see on the Internet because there can be the issue of copyright infringement. This is something that fans, and everyone in general who is searching the Internet for information, needs to be wary of.


  2. I relate to your concept on explanation on the obsession with particular media a lot. My little sister was a HUGE Twilight groupie too when the movies were out. Constantly going back and forth between Team Edward or Team Jacob (god Im glad those days are over lol) and I also like what you said about how Henry explained the media promotion via view consumerism concept. That really is something that holds so true with big media franchises like Twilight, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, etc etc. Popular enough to promote themselves but yet we still do it all for them by wearing the patches on our backpacks and buying their designed lunch boxes and such but how we are limited when it comes to media online that violates copyright laws and such.


    1. Me and your sister might be good friends then, i was personally Team Edward, but i really did love jacob also. Did you have a fandom that you were into when you were younger? I also know that youre a cinema studies major so have you ever produced a fan video for your own fandom?


  3. Ah yes, Twilight. I too was a victim. My walls were littered with Edward Cullen, because I was whole heartedly Team Edward. Now, I’m Team Jacob. Anyways. I really like what you said about how when people become obsessed with something, they take it and run. That is definitely something that happened within the Twilight Saga. As children when this came out, we practically forced our families to drive us to the movies to see each new movie. We begged them for money to buy card board cut outs and cookie cutter t-shirts. We, as individuals, sold the franchise. I feel like this type of ‘selling’ still exists today, in a sense. A lot of it has to do with word of mouth and social media. Everyone is always talking about the newest and greatest show to hit Netflix or HBO, which is how traction is gained. Awesome talking points here!


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