A Fans Worst Nightmare

Everyone at one point or another has been obsessed with a tv show, book or movie. I unfortunately, was obsessed with Twilight and even though to this day I really enjoy it, I know how shitty the movies actually are. When I was 13 my room was covered, and I mean plastered with Twilight poster. I had t-shirts, jewelry boxes, CDs, journals and dolls all from the Twilight series. As I was reading the Social Media Reader at one point in the book it was stated,”Over the past several decades, corporations have sought to market branded content so that consumers become the bearers of their marketing messages. Marketers have turned our children into walking, talking billboards who wear logos on their T-shirts, sew patches on their backpacks, plaster stickers on their lockers, hang posters on their walls, but they must not, under penalty of law, post them on their home pages”(209). I loved Twilight and I even set is as one of my layouts for my Myspace page at the time, but after a few days the layout got taken down and I was no longer allowed to use it because of copyright.

Please enjoy 14 year old me, with my sister and friend. If you take a gander at the walls they are literally covered in Twilight posters.

Before the internet, media would be spoken from mouth to mouth. Stories would be told by grandparents and uncles to children and art would be painted to be put up around the house. But because of the internet, and the fact that now you can make money, and lots of it from the words you say to the videos you record everyone wants their work to be their own and don’t want to share any of the potential money. At one point Jenkins writes in the book, “The older American folk culture was built on borrowings from various mother countries; the modern mass media builds upon borrowings from folk culture; the new convergence culture will be built on borrowings from various media conglomerates” (208). Before we were able to use other’s peoples work and use it as inspiration for our work. Even if it resembled it, we were allowed to do so. But now, we have access to so much inspiration and we aren’t allowed to resemble it at all.





Creative Commons

Nowadays everything is copyrighted. No one wants someone else to steal their products, or use their products with out their share of credit. It is difficult to make something new like a video or song without getting sued. For today’s blog post i will be talking about some things that are in the public domain that could possibly be in my groups video. While reading Lessig’s article he had a very good point. All of our creative content is in a way not helping make new creative things, because of the restriction of the government. The government’s laws need to be updated and fixed to properly protect ideas in new technology, but at the same time not restrict them from others. This will definitely be an obstacle that eventually the government will have to face. Until then though, we have to use things like the creative commons to make something new, even though we wont be making money off of it either.

This picture was found when i searched “Using computer” in the creative commons search.

As for our soundtrack, I want something upbeat and fun to give the video energy and spirit. This mashup would provide some great background music.

This is the video I am thinking about using, because not only does it have a going up the stairs part but it also gives a kind of tour of the office place.

I find it really difficult to find the exact things that i want on creative commons. Although i understand that some of the stuff I want is copyrighted, i just feel like there just is not as much good content as on the normal internet. I’m not sure how much my group will actually be using the creative commons, but just in case it is a good resource to have.

A thought on Creative Direction

I have thought long and hard as to what I think would be the best for our group to do in our video. I understand that everyone has different ideas and a different vision for the video, but this is mine. So, I am imagining that I am laying in bed, contemplating my life and all of a sudden it hits me. It’s winter break, I should stop wasting my time just laying around i should start applying to internships. But wait, i still don’t have a resume made or even know how to properly interview. So, this is where i go into action. We have a shot of me walking into career services, talking to the counselors, making my resume, going into a mock interview and leaving the place more prepared than ever. Then it can incorporate from me leaving the building more prepared than ever for the future. It can also show me going into a real interview, getting a job and the final shot of me jumping in the air with my first paycheck. A still shot. For dramatic effect of course. I think that it should be more of a comical video, not so serious. I think that it will reflect on the storyboard and account for only a few slides. I definitely don’t think that we can make a total 3 minute video just based on my concept.

Top 5 Midterm blogs

Here are my favorite top 5 midterm blogs


I love that you actually recorded your own footage! It was nice to see your own review on the Google Pixel. I really enjoyed that you gave a full look on the phone as well as the different features of the phone. Your camera work was good for the most part and your voice was clear and concise also.I have personally never seen the Google Pixel before your video so it was nice to see a different phone other than the iphone.


This video was super cute and sweet! I really liked the stop,go animation in the beginning it was definitely different and something that i did not think of. I also like how she incorporated so many different techniques of editing and clips in her video. She had some of her own videos, clips she found on the internet as well as just pictures that were incorporated in. All of them came together to make a pretty solid video. The concept of the video and the fact that  she talked about how it is to be a little sister was something fun to see since i am actually the oldest sister.


Awesome video! It was really cool to see all your footage from your previous vacations! It was very nicely edited and everything flowed nicely. I also liked your concept of saying that travel, is calling us and waiting for us to go as well. I also enjoyed the music in your video, it fit really well with the kind of tropical and vacationy theme of your video. It was a fun and easy watch! Also i love that you put Lake George into the video because i go there with my sister and dad every fathers day weekend, so it was just nice for me on a personal level.


Nice job on the video, it was edited really well. I like that for each different movie you put a different type of music track that would fit in with the genre of the movie. All the music transitioned well and it wasn’t very awkward. I am definitely excited for Gilmore Girls to come out because i mean, It’s Gilmore Girls. I am also very excited for Mars, it looks like its supposed to be amazing quality visually and i also really enjoy space movies so that will definitely be something to look out for.

Well. Wow… Wow. The first 3 seconds literally just describe my thoughts to this video. I do not understand. But oddly enough, i really enjoyed it. It was super weird and totally scattered, but i didnt want to stop watching it. I was compelled in, hoping that there would be some clip that would tie everything in together, but it never came. Your editing was great, smooth transitions no awkwardness, it seemed like it was a single video before hand even. Great job on it.


Midterm Feedback

Well, I am happy that that is over. I like to be honest with myself, and I don’t really think I am much of a creative person just incredible average in creativity. I did think that my video was okay, it wasn’t really creative but i do believe that it was informative. I did think that my blog was nice and creative looking. I liked that it was kind of a free for all though and that I was able to do as I please on the blog and just do what I want. I believe that working in a group will be really fun. I personally really like group projects because I enjoy working with other people, but only with people that are active and interested the project. I would not enjoy working in a group if people did not do their work, or just slacked off. In the book The Social Media Reader by Hyde he writes about some issues that might come up while collaborating in a group. He states, ” As a collaborative action can have more than one intent, it can also have more than one repercussion. These multiple layers are often a source of conflict and confusion. A single collaborative action can imply different and even contrasting group associations” (Hyde 58).  The authors point on collaboration makes total sense, where participants of the group might get confused on what the actual goal of the team will be. I really hope that when my group collaborates on this project we don’t encounter issues of confusion or take steps back in our project. I also hope that all group members are on the same page and we are not contrasting each other making the project harder than it should be. I do think that in the end even if there are miscommunications in the group, the project will get done and will make sense.



Well, that was easy.

The best game on earth

Okay! So honestly editing movies is 3459x easier than editing audio.  I truly did enjoy making the video on eprofiles even though the topic isn’t as riveting as it can be. But, it just goes to show that when I do actually make a video on something that i enjoy, it will be the bomb diggity! Even though I did find it easier to edit video than audio, I still give lots of props to people who edit videos and make them very complex and high quality because it can definitely take a lot of time to do. The only issue i have with the editor is that everything seems kind of tacky. I wish that editing options would make it easier to make a high quality edited video. I definitely  understand where Bogost is coming from while I read his article. Games can make you feel powerful, and make you believe that you are in control in that very second. I personally do not play videogames, but i am a huge fan of board games. So, naturally Monopoly is one of my favorite games of all time. When I play Monopoly and I am winning, I feel so much power. Even though it is fake money, fake property and a fake jail there is a certain mood that establishes during the game. When I am winning, i’m feeling great talking smack to the other players and just feeling like I can do whatever. The counterpart is when I am losing, when i’m on a low it tends to be bad. I start to get angry, frustrated and i remember once I got so angry that I even flipped over the game. People may say I am a bad sport, but I just like to think that I am competitive.

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Please Excuse My Voice

^^Check out my fire track above^^

I have never actually made a podcast, and neither have i really watched a podcast until this assignment. In my opinion they are to long and kind of pointless to even watch. From what i have seen they are just giving their reviews on different things or just talking about some obscure topic. I watched the Japanese Sweets Fail by Mikej on, and well let me tell you that it was definitely a fail. I did not think that he was funny or even entertaining in anyway, and maybe if he actually tried the candies instead of giving up on them then maybe it could have been somewhat decent. From what I saw it was just the man talking into the camera the whole time while playing around and commenting on the Japanese candies. I definitely do think that he did use some kind of editor though because towards the end he even said he needs to cut it, and then he showed the from a point of view (pov) angle what he was doing with the candy. Also at the very, very end he cut to a kind of logo to promote his book. So I would say there were about 2 camera angles and for the normal views of him he just used the audio that was recorded for the video. But for the promotion of his book he just used the audio and placed it over the still frame image of logo of his book. I do think that he made everything himself, there weren’t any clips that he used from different resources. In general it was just him speaking, and playing around with the candy, but maybe if he was funnier it would be a lot easier to watch. But at the same time to each their own i guess.


Audio editing

Within my major of Information Technology, the possibilities are endless. It is helpful to know as much information as possible when it comes to software or any types of programs. When working for a help desk or even in the it department of a company, even though your costumers might come to you with questions that technically your department might not necessarily take care of, they will expect you to take care of it and be able to solve the issue. If i end up working for a company that maybe makes instructional videos for their products, i definitely believe that the workers who are supposed to be making these videos will turn to the IT department for help. On the side of using audio editing as a hobby right now i know that it will be extra helpful for me. Since spring rush is coming up for my sorority and i am on the recruitment team, we will be making a recruitment video. I’m actually really happy that i am learning this now, because i will be able to use the skills i gain from this class and use them practically in the next few months. Other than having to know editing for my job to educate others and the need for making a recruitment video I don’t really see myself using it pass that.  I am definitely not a singer, and i’m also not into making Youtube videos so i do not think ill ever use it for anything else. Although, maybe if I get married id make one of really cute picture collage/videos that would need some audio editing to do. After watching the introductory videos though, i don’t believe that that it will be to hard of a task to accomplish all of the goals that will be assigned to us.


I Suck at Photoshop

When I was in middle school and Myspace was the cool thing to do my go to photo editing sight was Photobucket. From there I would first make the picture black and white and then add those awkward line hearts or if I really was feeling saucy I would put “<3” all over my pictures. From there I would save them and post them as my profile picture on Myspace just to show how cool I really was. In the book “The Social Media Reader” edited by Michael Mandiberg, there is a piece of the passage that states” In contrast to many websites, the posts on 4chan, along with their commentary, images, and video, are not archived. They are also posted at such an unbelievably fast pace and volume that much of what is produced effectively vanishes shortly after it is posted and viewed” (Coleman 110). All though photobucket and Myspace all archive the photos, but people are posting so many tacky horribly edited photos on their social media. Yes, you comment things that you love it, just just like it stated in the book, you are really only trolling your own friends. Well at least I was. Now, the only extent that i go to with editing images is instagram. Honestly. the fact that I am simply able to put on whatever filter I want and all of a sudden my picture looks amazing makes my life ten times easier. No more crappy editing on photobucket where I would try to be an artist and do some special stuff, that in the end always look shitty anyways. It’s just the slide of finger through about 20 or so different filters to find the perfect one. When i was a sophomore in highschool though i did take photography and we did dabble in photoshop, but to my despair my edits never came out good I was not able to follow simple photoshop instructions and always had to have my partner edit the images instead.

Please enjoy this cringe worthy photos of me from middle school.

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